In light of COVID-19, we are trying our best to offer the medical services & support to our patients. With the objective of maintaining social distancing, avoiding avoidable visits and overcrowding in the OPD's, we have started various platforms in the form of strict appointment system, telemedicine and sms consults for you to connect to our experts.
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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Kartik rawat
Date: January, 2020

My Wife was admitted here under Dr Uma in gynecologist department she is amazing doctor she is so friendly in nature she is very affectionate and caring doctor all staff members are also so caring and helpful they win our heart with their behaviour.Thanks to billing members also i feel like home in this hospital thanks to Dr Uma,Dr Anuj,Mr Arun kumar,Mr Gaurav Bhandari and Rupali ji god bless you All

Chaudhary Jaat
Date: January, 2020

Excellent hospital. Staff also very carefully and friendly And Dr.Anuj Gupta he is very good doctor. Very cooperative

Sanjana Gupta
Date: January, 2019

Renowned hospital in Delhi.

Ranvijay Singh
Date: January, 2020

Best Skin treatment facility.

Rehman The beast
Date: December, 2019

It’s a good hospital and here is providing very good services very good treatment for patients and this hospital is so big... that is providing good services services for patients and that’s on Road... here is available 24/7 emergency services and good doctors they have trained .Thanks to Dr.Anuj,Mr Arun Kumar,Mr Gaurav Bhandari and all billing staff and nurses

Dolma Yangzom
Date: December, 2019

Dr Atul ( pediatrician) , Dr Uma lhaxmi ( gynecologist) and Mr Arun( desk) all are excellent, over all I had nice experience. Must visit. Thanks u

Date: December, 2019

Best ortho service In triton hospital thanks to Dr. Gaurav and triton team...

sharique khan
Date: December, 2019

Fully satisfied with triton services thanksss triton team

Madan Singh
Date: December, 2019

I came here for my wife delivery must say doctor and front office are very professional and experienced thankss to triton hospital and thanks to Dr aparna and dr anuj gupta

navodita shukla
Date: December, 2019

For me Triton Hospital always best and ofcourse his owner Dr Anuj Gupta ( excellent Pediatric and very professional about his job). He is always available for their existing patients and new also. I have so much trust on Dr Anuj he has helped me a lot in my tough times related with my daughter.

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