In light of COVID-19, we are trying our best to offer the medical services & support to our patients. With the objective of maintaining social distancing, avoiding avoidable visits and overcrowding in the OPD's, we have started various platforms in the form of strict appointment system, telemedicine and sms consults for you to connect to our experts.
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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Jaya Shahi
Date: June, 2016

Visited For Foot Pain
It's a clean hospital and the doctor treated really well. Liked the services provided by the doctor and the staff. Thanks! 

Hidam Gaurashyam Singh
Date: June, 2016

I just met him. I can't say much right away but he seems to be more concerned with other problems besides me (a patient who is in front of him).may be, it is too quick but you asked me ;) 

Kshitij Kumar
Date: June, 2016

Visited For Lower Back Pain
It was nice experience ,got to know the problem in detail and it was interesting to know about biochemical treatment which is only offered here. 

Sushmita Chowdhury
Date: July, 2016

Visited For Correction of deformities
The experience was v good. Appreciate doctor s indepth explanation of the problem I was facing. Thoroughly satisfied. He was very friendly, polite and courteous. 

Shalini Mittal
Date: July, 2016

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
The doctor examined me very well. Very experienced. Will definitely recommend. Treatment for knee injury. Thanks... 

Ravijeet Singh Ahluwalia
Date: July, 2016

The doctor was very interactive. Listened to each and every problem and consulted very carefully and patiently. 

Date: July, 2016

Visited For Fracture Treatment
Hi this is good experience when I entered hospital staff is helping me and cooperate peacefully ...Dr behaviour is very nice he understand my problem and provide guidance ..... I m happy with the service and in future I suggest to other people to visit the same place ....thanks n regards 

Monila jain
Date: July, 2016

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
The doctor answered my query adequately. I feel extremely confident about my line of treatment. I will surely recommend him to my family/ friends. 

Date: July, 2016

Good understanding of problem and thorough treatment given . Doctor is well qualified .however appointment could not take place at the designated time as doctor was stuck in some surgery 

Date: August, 2016

Excellent consultant . he solved my nail remover problem . I'm Consultant many doctors but finally he resolved my nail problem. 

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