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Paediatric Neurology

About Doctor

Dr. Rafat Trivedi

Consultant Pediatric Neurologist & Epileptologist
MBBS, DCH, DNB Pediatrics (Mumbai)
Fellowship Pediatric Neurology & Epilepsy (Mumbai)
Fellowship In Neurophysiology (USA)

Services offered

Comprehensive Neurological examination, Electro-encephalography (EEG), Video EEG/ Prolonged EEG, Epilepsy Pre- surgical work up, Nerve Conduction Studies, Visual Evoked Potentials, Brainstem Evoked Potentials (BERA), Genetic Work up, Metabolic Work up.

Common Diseases Managed:

Cerebral palsy, Developmental and speech delay, Gait disorders, Autism , ADHD, PDD, Epilepsy, Genetic and syndromic disorder, Learning disability, Intellectual delay, Muscular dystrophies, Spinal-muscular atrophy, Neuropathy, Childhood strokes, Headaches & Migraine , Brain infections, paralysis/stroke, Status/refractory seizures, metabolic disorders, Gullian Barre syndrome, Neurodegenerative disorders.


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