In light of COVID-19, we are trying our best to offer the medical services & support to our patients. With the objective of maintaining social distancing, avoiding avoidable visits and overcrowding in the OPD's, we have started various platforms in the form of strict appointment system, telemedicine and sms consults for you to connect to our experts.
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Paediatric & Neonatal Surgery

About Doctor

Dr. Anand Sinha

MBBS, MS General Surgery
M.Ch Pediatric Srgery (AIIMS New Delhi)
M. Fell. Pediatric Robotic Urology (University of Chicago, Illinois

Services offered

  • Neonatal surgery (surgery for newborn)

  • Minimally invasive surgery in children (laparoscopic, cystoscopic, thoracoscopic procedures).

  • Pediatric urology (kidney and other urology problems in children).

  • Pediatric gastro-intestinal surgery (stomach and intestine).

  • Pediatric hepato-biliary surgery (Liver, gall bladder and pancreas surgery in children).

  • Pediatric plastic surgery.

  • Pediatric onco-surgery (solid tumors of childhood).

Common diseases managed:

Hernia, Hydrocele, Hypospadias, Hydronephrosis, GER, TEF, Diaphragmatic hernia, Omphalocele, Intestinal atresia, Anorectal malformation, Intussusception, Hirschsprung disease, Appendicitis, Gall stones, Cleft lip and palate, Liver and kidney tumors, Neuroblastoma.


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