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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Ranjeet Singh
Date: May, 2016

I want to thank Dr abhishek jain for fixing my wrist and now I can use my wrist again without any problem. The surgery was a great success and I feel I never had a fracture. 

Nidhi Sachdeva
Date: May, 2016

It was exhaustive analysis carried to analyze the problem. Overall experience was excellent. Appreciate the overall observation. 

Prem Raj
Date: May, 2016

I was treated by Dr abhishek jain. The surgery went very fine and today I m on my feet because of him. Thank you Dr jain..wish u good luck . 

Rohit Patni
Date: May, 2016

Visited For Joint Replacement Surgery
I got my aunt's knee replacement done by Dr abhishek jain. She has been doing very well since then. I get much appreciate his politeness and dedication towards his work. 

Chaitali Bhattacharya
Date: May, 2016

The doctor was very concerned. I got much relief from his treatment. My heel condition is much better than what it was earlier. 

Date: May, 2016

Visited For Hip Pain
Initially I was disappointed by the chaos and the crowd of the patient but as I met the doctor I was highly impressed with his attitude. I have yet to see his result but 1st impression was great. Suggestion : increase the staff to manage the crowd.

Ravi Verma
Date: May, 2016

Visited For Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation
I was happy to see the advanced technology machines used to treat the patients. The clinic was very clean. Dr.Abhishek Jain did the assessment in a fully dedicated and clinical way which was quiet convincing. 

Chanchal Bharti
Date: May, 2016

Visited For Knee care
Dr. Was attending a serious patient that's why I had to wait for 10 min. But doctor gave me enough time to sort out my knee problem. 
Overall it was a good experience 

Rupali Roy
Date: May, 2016

Visited For Joint and Muscle Problems
Thanks first of all to Dr.Abhishek whom I found so thorough and sound understanding of my problem and made me understand what was going wrong within my joints structure and abrupt treatment protocol decided. I am really moved by the way he has compiled himself as a skilled clinician and overall pious human being. I wish people should pay at least a visit to him and I hope they will find its the right place. 

Date: May, 2016

I appreciate the way Dr jain handles an ailing limb. He examined my swollen knee and took out huge amount of water from it without giving any pain to me. I am on his medication and doing much better. Many thanks to him. 

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