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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Tanmeet Singh
Date: feb, 2017

The doctor was emphatic and heard the problem and discussed the issue succinctly. 

Sandeep Arora
Date: march, 2017

Visited For Foot Pain
Waiting for results after taking listen to problem patiently. Hope my problem is identified and I am normal 

Praveen Rana
Date: march, 2017

Its a great & relaxing...treat and observe quietly and calmly comments clearly and advice accordingly...

Date: march, 2017

Visited For Lower Back Pain
Very nice approach. I was satisfied with the time given to me by the doctor.I hope the treatment works. Would recommend Dr abhishek in afganistan

Dinesh Singh Rana
Date: march, 2017

Visited For Foot Pain
First visit has been good and doctor gave his detailed insight on the problem faced by me for some months. Looking forward to next visit to see positive results

Arobindo oraon
Date: march, 2017

Visited For Slip Disc
Very good.
Problem accurately and properly described.fully satisfied by the treatment..........................

Gurmeet Kaur
Date: march, 2017

I am from kurukshetra and was reffered to dr abhishek by 3people.Got my surgery done by him for foot arthritis. I am very happy with his approach. During my stay in hospital he really took good care of me. post surgery I am ving no pain.
I all recommend r abhishek to everyone having orthopedic problem specially foot problem

Saquib Saifi
Date: April, 2017

My nails were chipping, and referred to a dermatologist which is absolutely fine..But he said let me cut your nails, it's going to be a pedicure procedure. I thought, must be something different but rather he cut my nails that to very badly and I could see the blood in every finger. I was really astounded, it was actually funny that just to cut my nails that to very badly, he charged 800 bucks.

Date: April, 2017

Excellent explanation on the subject of flat feet. It was a great experience with the doctor. The discussion was in such a way that it made us confident for further treatment. 
Thanks a lot doctor ji.

Prateek Saini
Date: April, 2017

Visited For Foot Pain
It was Very nice. I am Happy to consult with him. I would love to recommend this place to other people. Doctor's suggestions were satisfactory.

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